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Powerful Content, Easy Maintenance

Powered By WordPress, With A Little Extra

KMD Digital uses WordPress, which powers over 25% of the web, to deliver stunning and powerful websites to our clients. Whether you need to build an online presence, a personal blog, or an e-commerce store, we’ve got you covered.

Choose If:

You want something that looks great and can be edited easily.

 You need a project done yesterday.

You have a small(er) budget.

Don’t Choose If:

You need a complex application that goes beyond a standard website.

You want the most customization possible.

You need a mobile app or other integration.

Mobile App

Installable By Users On Mobile Devices

Hybrid Apps, Installed Natively

KMD Digital uses the Ionic Framework to deliver hybrid app build in Javascript with Cordova. No matter what you want your app to include, we can help you do it.

Choose If:

You want something that can be installed from the App or Play store.

 You want something that easily works on mobile devices.

You need to native device functions, like GPS or cellular.

Don’t Choose If:

You want something built quickly.

You don’t want to pay App/Play store fees.

You need a product useable on a computer.


Developed From The Ground Up

Custom Development

When the rest simply won’t cut it, KMD Digital offers custom development and infrastructure deployment for custom web applications and backends.

Choose If:

 You want the most customization possible.

 You want features not found in a traditional website.

You need your website to connect with a mobile or desktop app.

You’re willing to work with external companies or individuals, such as designers.

Don’t Choose If:

You want something built quickly.

You want to be able to easily make changes yourself.

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